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Metal is just the beginning. We offer wood prefinishing, plastic hard coating, and more. Contact Alloy Metal Finishing, LLC today.

Hard Coating

Plastic hard coating produces tough, durable products that are resistant to scratches, abrasion, and chemicals. We use spray application for single-sided application on complex shapes.

Abrasion Resistance

Abrasion resistance depends on the coating thickness and substrate. At a target thickness of 4-6 microns on polycarbonate, it will resist five double rubs under firm thumb pressure with 0000 steel wool and suffer only slight scratching with 000 steel wool. On acrylic and most other substrates, it will resist much coarser steel wools, up to #2 (medium-coarse) steel wool.


Adhesion is 100%, using crosshatched tape adhesion test, on polycarbonate and most acrylics without use of a primer.

Chemical Resistance

When fully cured, hard coat finish is resistant to most solvents, including alcohols, esters, ketones, aromatics (benzene, etc.), and aliphatics (gasoline, etc.).

Wood and Plastic Treatments